Add Anchor Tags to Jump Around on a Webpage

At times, it may be helpful to jump from one part of your webpage to another.  Often times, this comes in handy when you have a list outlining your content at the top of the page and want to quickly link to the content throughout the page.

Here’s an example.  Click here to jump to the bottom of the page.

To jump around on your page, you’ll want to add anchor tags to your page like the one below.

First, add an anchor tag around the text you want to link. For example:

<a href=”#bottom”>Go to bottom of page</a>

Then, add the code below to the portion of the page you want to jump to:

<a name=”bottom”></a>

Now, when you click on “Go to bottom of page”, it will jump to the bottom of the page.  Keep in mind that you can add as many anchor tags as you want on one page.  If you do add more than one, you’ll need to give them different names.  So, instead of “bottom” use other terms that are appropriate to each piece of content you’re jumping to.

**If you are using WordPress, you will have to click on the “Text” tab while editing your post or page.  This will show you the HTML, where you will add this code.

Anchor Tags

See? It works. Now, go back to top.

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