Black Friday Banner Ads

First, the facts.

  • $12.3 billion was the overall brick-andmortar store sales for Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2013 – up 2.3% from 2012 (source: CNN Money)
  • $1.964 billion was the overall online sales for Thanksgiving and Black Friday – up over 18.5% from 2012 (source: TechCrunch)
  • The average 2013 Black Friday online order was $135.27 – that’s up 2.2% yearover-year (source: TechCrunch)
  • Black Friday online mentions peaked at 11am CST (source: Forbes)
  • Walmart dominated in Black Friday mentions, with 77.5% of the voice (source: Forbes)
  • But… 4 to 1 those Walmart mentions were negative (with words like “fight” “fought” and “fighting”) (source: Forbes)
  • Pinterest vs. Facebook 7 Pinterest dominates in direct sales. Referrals from the site spent 77% more than those from Facebook: $92.51 – average Pinterest order $52.30 – average Facebook order (source: Forbes)
  • Pinterest vs. Facebook 8 But… Facebook referrals converted sales at nearly 4x’s the rate of Pinterest (source: TechCrunch)
  • Mobile traffic: Grew to 39.7% of all online traffic – that’s an increase of 34% over Black Friday 2012 (source: TechCrunch)
  • Mobile sales: reached 21.8% of total online sales – that’s an increase of nearly 43% from last year (source: TechCrunch)
  • 24.9% of all online traffic on Black Friday came from smartphones – that compares to tablets at 14.2% (source: TechCrunch)
  • How do you pay? PayPal reported a 121% increase in global mobile payments compared to Black Friday 2012 (source: TechCrunch)

And, now…. the goodies.  Different types of Black Friday banner ads and other digital material.  You’ll notice a few Cyber Monday examples as well.

Be Visually Appealing

This is an obvious one.  Make your ads visually appealing.  Of course, you want your future consumers to like looking at your banner ads.  After all, these ads are the gateway to your website.  If they’re done well, they’ll lead to more clicks, more traffic and more purchases.

Black Friday Ads

Black Friday Banner Ideas

Black Friday Banners

Emphasize a High Percentage Point

What’s the number one thing shoppers are looking for during Black Friday sales?  Why, a SUPER sale, of course!  Be sure to increase that font size, bold that text, and above all, have a high percentage off your products.

Black Friday Percentage

Make ‘Em Say Awww…. (Na na na na)

Play on your consumers’ emotions.  Add a cuteness factor to your banners when appropriate.  Creating ads for a pet store?  Add an adorable photo of a puppy.  Designing banners for an online toy store?  Add imagery of a child opening up a special gift on Christmas morning.  Yeah, it’s a little shameful.  But, hey… that’s marketing.

Cyber Monday Banners

Keep it Simple

No one wants to waste time, so get to the point.  Create simple banners and get people shopping ASAP!

Black Friday Digital Marketing

Cyber Week Banner

Cyber Monday Ads

Remind them that Christmas is Coming!

Incorporate gifts, snowflakes, Christmas trees, reindeer, hot cocoa… anything to remind shoppers that the Holidays are coming.  And, they’re coming fast!  Better hurry up and buy!

Black Friday Gift Deals

Black Friday Advertising

Cyber Monday Holiday Deals

Coupons Mean Extra Savings

Designing a banner ad to look like a coupon is a good way to go.  Coupons equal savings.  We all know this.  You can also add a coupon code to make people feel as though they’re saving even more.

Black Friday Coupon

Black Friday Banners

Be Silly

Sadly, this was the silliest example I could find.  So, it’ll have to do.  Humor is HUGE in marketing right now.  Think about those silly Groupon descriptions or that Old Spice guy.  A good chuckle will help your customers to feel more relaxed and potentially increase their trust for your brand!

Black Friday Humor

Give a Sense of Urgency

Hurry.  Buy it now.  NOW.  Right now!

Black Friday Rush

Pre Black Friday


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