Pros and Cons of Native Apps and Mobile Web Apps

It is a topic of debate when it comes to developing a native app or a mobile web app. Companies have found a way to include both of these apps for their advantage of making a single web app and implementing in different native apps which results in faster development rates than the normal Native App. If you get questions like where to buy app reviews, you can check out this website.

Web Apps are quite easy to develop with the added advantage of working with HTML5 and also with the number of free tools available for us to work with the language. But if you are looking to buy some app reviews for your HTML5 app then it will be quite difficult because there are really less place where one can publish a review for a web application. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of each of the application so we can have a look if we need a Native App or Mobile Web App.



Pros situated with Native Applications

  • Something which is attached to the internals works kind of fast same is the case with Native Applications, they are the fastest type of application available for any kind of operating system or any kind of device.
  • Native apps are easy to find in the app stores, the app stores and the developer of the OS support the development of Native Apps because it promotes the development of the original operating system, and it also takes advantage of the native features available with the OS.
  • Usually, Native apps are fully scanned and thoroughly worked with before publishing on the Play Store or the Apple’s App Store or the Windows Store. We can be assured the safety and security of the application.
  • If you are working on the Native app then indirectly you are working with the codes of the Operating System, unlike Web App where you will be working on any other language which will later be running on the OS via a third party native app.

For a Native app, you can easily buy app reviews to be published on the Google Play store, or on the official store of the Operating system. But we must also look at the Cons of the native apps.

Cons situated with Native Apps

  • The developer needs to learn a whole new language, say if you are working on Android you will have to learn android fully, while if you are working on iOS you will need knowledge of iOS. So you cannot be the solo developer developing both Android and iOS application both.
  • If you are having a Native App then you will need a development team working on updates on Android, updates on Windows updates on iOS, so each and every platform must be updated for any kind of bug available. Hence the maintenance cost for a Native app is much higher.
  • If you submit any app to the play store or the iOS store to get it approved to be published, then you will need to wait for a long time so that the bots can check with your application if it is secure or not.
  • Users usually don’t update the app to the latest version hence it becomes difficult for developers to remove the bugs completely in case of Native apps.

These were the pros and cons of a Native app, you can easily buy app reviews when you are looking to get some instant promotion with the Native app. Now let us look at the Pros and Cons of the Web Apps.

Pros situated with Web Apps

  • Even if you have the web app running on 20 different operating systems, it will be only one code which you have to change in order to update, hence maintenance is quite easy.
  • Web App can easily be manipulated to be compatible with the earlier version of the devices.
  • There is no need of getting an approval from the respective stores to publish a web app, which makes them quite easy to publish without any wait.

It is quite difficult to buy app reviews for the web app as there is no store where we can publish the reviews of these web applications.

Pros situated with the Web Apps

  • You cannot get hold of much deeper integration with the web apps as you can with the Native applications.
  • Web App usually works on Mobile Browsers, and if you are using an old browser then some of the features might not work on your handset.
  • As you know the app doesn’t go through a tough check, it is quite easy for people to publish the apps which are having some virus in the application.

You must have got to a conclusion after reading the pros and cons of each and every type of application, which will help you to choose the best from the two.

Reasons To Have A Gaming Laptop Instead Of A Business Laptop

Reasons to have a gaming laptop instead of a business laptop for work is a wise decision. Know Why?

The laptop is considered as a prominent part in each person’s life and especially in an organization. A business laptop is designed with various benefits and features which are lacking in consumer and other types of laptop. A gaming laptop is purchased mostly by game lovers due to its best gaming facilities but most of us are unaware of the benefit of using a gaming laptop for our day to day official works. If you ever wondered what is the best laptop brand for gaming, we have suggestions ready for you.

A gaming laptop has various features which can turn into best characteristics for a person who is working on a laptop. It is not necessary that a gaming laptop should be used only for the gaming purpose. You can purchase a gaming laptop for various other purposes even though you don’t play games. In this article, you would come to know about the different features of gaming laptops which can be beneficial for working sectors.


Advantages of gaming laptop for work

Below mentioned are some advantages of using a gaming laptop. By reading about the features, you would come to know that it can also be used by people who use laptops for other purposes too.

  • Speed

The major factor which is lacking in most laptops is nothing but speed. While switching on the gaming laptop it takes around 5 seconds to set up & start which is very hard or not found on other types of laptops. Most of the organizations have to meet with presentations and meetings. During that time, instead of waiting for minutes it is good to start your presentation within seconds. It also gives a good impression for you and at the same time when there is an urgent work with the laptop, your patience level is being checked out. It’s so irritating, right? Having a gaming laptop will prevent you from wastage of time.

The speed of the gaming laptop is due to the processing which is very important for gaming. Gaming computers can also handle more information at once compared to regular computers and tend to not freeze or lag as much. It is more beneficial for people who use the laptop for editing videos and films with advanced applications.

  • Easy to use

Most of the people believe that a gaming laptop is used only for gaming purpose but in reality, it is just like a standard computer. There are various best laptop brands which design gaming laptop that can be used by any computer users. The procedure of using a laptop is just similar to other types of the laptop due to which the user does not feel any difficulty nor need any extra knowledge to operate. If you have accessed a normal laptop or a computer, you can easily use the gaming laptop.

  • High-quality parts

A gaming laptop has efficient processing systems and the best hardware due to which users can play games with full involvement. It holds the better screen, picture, sound, more memory quality which lacks in other types of laptop. The battery life of the gaming laptop is also durable which helps you to be away from the socket. There are also various other features which depend upon the best laptop brands.

  • Durable

The durability of the gaming laptop computer is comparatively better than a business laptop. Compared to other types of the laptop a business laptop is considered as more durable but in a real sense, a gaming laptop has a longer life than a business laptop computer. Various best laptop brands also assure warranty which helps the users to be stress-free.

  • Flexibility

All types of computers cannot be upgraded easily. They all have an inbuilt design which prevents them from upgrading the processor. The only thing which they can upgrade is the hard drive and the memory space. But it is not applicable for gaming laptop computers. You can upgrade your earlier version of the laptop with the newer one easily. For instance, if you hold an earlier version of a laptop and bored with it and needs to try or have the newer upgrades then you can just directly visit the computer store or the customer service of your existing best laptop brand and just upgrade it. This will help you to save money by preventing yourself from purchasing a new laptop.

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to use Visuals, Videos and Social Media to Market Your Brand by Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio.  Throughout the book, we learn the importance of using visuals in a stunning and strategic way.  From images to videos to infographics, companies are able to use a wide variety of visuals to communicate with their customers and tell their story.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed in the brain 60,000 times faster than text

The authors also cover several social media platforms in great detail from a marketing standpoint.  How to use them as a story-telling tool, the possible audiences, helpful statistics and tips to maximize reach and engagement.

The social media platforms outlined in the book are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Vine
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • SlideShare
  • YouTube

Below is a SlideShare deck I created using tips found in the book on how to maximize engagement on Twitter.